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Hi, I'm David

I have been taking photos since 2007 when I took my first photography class. There has been a camera in my hand pretty much non-stop since then.

I am based in Evansville, Indiana where I live with my wife. When we got married in 2010, our photographs were very important to us. We had heard all the horror stories about crazy photographers, and we spent plenty of time trying to find someone affordable and reliable. In the end we got reliable and not so affordable.

My goal is to give you both. I want to make sure you get images that you will look at years later and remember how amazing your wedding day was and not how ridiculous that photographer was. When taking your photos, I want things to go smoothly, but I want to make sure you get images that you will cherish.

This said, I don't aim to be the cheapest photographer on the block, but in the middle of the road. I have spent time and money collecting equipment and knowledge, so I know what my time is worth, but I want bride's to be able to afford good photos.

I love my family, have a strong faith in God and spend lots of time at church, I shoot Nikon, I use a mac, I drive a Ford, and I would love to take your photos!

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